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Forest Grove Oregon Stake Handcart Trek 2012


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The Forest Grove Young Men and Young Women will participate in a Handcart Trek at Bing Canyon Pioneer Camp near Plymouth Washington during 9 - 14 July 2012.

Here are the Stake Activities during the year leading up to the Trek:
  • October 15, 2011 - Pioneer Heritage Activity
  • November 19, 2011 - Trek Adult Leader Training
  • January 22, 2012 - Kick off Fireside and Parent Meeting
  • April 21, 2012 - Trek Adult Leader Training
  • April 28, 2012 - Pioneer Dance
  • May 19, 2012 - Mini-Trek
There will also be many activities and programs held at the Ward/Branch level to help the youth prepare for the trek.

The Trek will be an uplifting spiritual experience, along with lots of fun, but it will also be a hot and dusty, strenuous, high-adventure activity that requires a certain level of physical conditioning.
The physical fitness standards listed below have been adopted to ensure the safety and health of Trek participants. They have been developed based on prior Trek experiences, Boy Scouts of America standards, and through consultation with the Stake Presidency and Stake High Council.

Parents of youth who cannot meet these fitness standards due to handicap or injury should consult with their Ward/Branch leaders so that accomodations can be made.

Fitness Requirements:
  • Each adult and youth must complete the BSA Medical Form, parts A, B, and C with physician’s signature to participate on the Handcart Trek. The form can be downloaded at the Cascade Pacific Council website . (Follow the link, click on "Download BSA Medical Form", on the "Annual Health and Medical Record" page, in the third paragraph, click on "Part C" (which includes all parts needed: A, B, and C.)

  • Make sure that your physician indicates that there are NO restrictions for you to participate in "hiking, camping, and backpacking" on Part C of the form.

  • Please use the BSA height/weight requirements as a fitness guideline. The requirements are age and gender neutral.

    Here is a copy of the height/weight table found in the BSA Medical form:

    BSA height/weight table

  • In addition to completing the physical, each adult and youth must be able to walk 5 miles in 3 hours. We suggest that each unit have at least one pre-qualifying hike for all participants prior to the event.

The best training for a Trek is walking! Follow this link for a a 9 week walking schedule used to prepare individuals to walk in a 10k walking event. It provides good guidelines for preparing to walk on the Handcart Trek. The schedule can be increased as required for those needing additional training.

All stake YM and YW ages 12 - 18 are invited to participate in the Trek. Please read the paragraphs below for additional considerations.
  • Youth who turn 12 by January 1st 2012 are eligible to attend the Trek. The months leading up to the Trek will be used to prepare and train the youth. It is important that youth attend the YM and YW activities and make personal prepration during the first half of the year 2012.

  • Youth who turn 12 between Jan 1st and May 19 (day of Stake Mini-Trek) may participate in the Trek upon conditions. Parents will have to provide the training that is needed for Trek preparation. (Since youth will not be attending YM and YW during Jan-May.) Youth and their parents who choose this option must attend the Mini-trek and use that experience as an indication whether the youth is ready.

  • Regardless of when their youth has his/her birthdate, parents should carefully consider whether their child is mature enough to gain benefit from making the Trek. The Trek will be an uplifting spiritual experience, along with lots of fun, but it will also be a hot and dusty strenuous activity requiring a certain level of emotional and physical maturity. It is unlikely that the Trek will be a benefit to a youth who is too young to handle the stress and rigors of a 5 day hike. These type of high adventure activities are normally reserved for youth aged 14 and above.

  • Stake and Ward YM and YW leaders will work with parents to provide a youth program during Jan-Jul 2012 for those youth age 12 (or older) who are not ready to participate in the Trek. Please consult with your Ward leaders to make plans for your youth.

  • Youth who have graduated from High School in June 2012 may attend the Trek even if they are over age 18.

We are meeting at the the Buxton Trailhead of the Banks-Vernonia Trail. Here is the link to the map: http://www.oregonstateparks.org/images/pdf/bv.pdf

We are meeting at 7:45am at Buxton Trailhead, walking up the trail to Stub Stewart State Park, eating lunch at the park, and then walking back to Buxton Trailhead. The entire trip will be about 7.5 miles. We should be done around 2 PM.

Wear pioneer clothing. Bring rain gear if necessary. Carpool with Ma's and Pa's from each ward. Parking is limited so please maximize ride sharing.

Youth need a Parent/Guardian permission slip, a lunch, and a water bottle. The lunches will be put on a handcart for transport. Each person needs to carry their own water bottle or canteen on their person. (If they don't have a strap yet, they could just get some string or webbing and duct tape it onto the water bottle.)

Youth who have turned 12 between Jan 1st and May 19th 2012 must be accompanied by a parent. No exceptions! This mini-trek will help you discern if your 12 year old is ready for a high-adventure hike.

Contact: stake.trek@fgos.org