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Forest Grove Oregon Stake Handcart Trek 2012


We have many opportunities to volunteer for the trek.  Please look through the list and email us with your preference. 

(Please note that the positions of "Ma" and "Pa" are callings issued by the Bishops and Branch Presidents.)

All volunteer names will be reviewed and approved by Bishops and the Stake Presidency. 

If your first volunteering preference is unavailable we will consider you for another.  
If you have more than one preference please list them in order in your email.
If what you are volunteering for requires you to be on the trek, you must meet the same physical requirements as the youth.
Please list these items in your email:
  • Name
  • Ward
  • Phone number
  • email
  • List of volunteer preferences in order

Send to:  stake.trek@fgos.org

1) SCOUT ADVANCEMENT:   (Chair - Michael Wynkoop)
During the trek the Young Men will have opportunities to work on Scout rank advancement skills and many different merit badges. We will need registered and trained Scouters and Merit Badge counselors to assist during prework sessions in the year before the trek, as well as to provide training during the trek. Much of the Scout training during trek week will be in camp in the afternoons and evenings after the day's hike, so some volunteers could work out of the base camp and would not be required to hike on the trek.

2) YW CERTIFICATION:   (Chair - Lori Hinckey)
We are calling all leaders of YW experienced in camp certification!!! We would love your help with certification for our YW as we prepare for the trek and during the trek. If you have helped in previous years or have ANY experience with girls camp certification we would LOVE to have you. Much of the certification training during trek week will be in camp in the afternoons and evenings after the day's hike, so some volunteers could work out of the base camp and would not be required to hike on the trek.

3) STAFF:   (Chair - Reed Christensen)
There are a number of folks needed to help carry out the acutal trek. Here are some of the staff positions:
  • Trek Historian - Coordinate photography/videography/record keeping of trek, prepare and distribute post-trek CD/DVD, record trek experiences, provide ancestral research support, provide pioneer stories.
  • Guidance Counselors - Assist youth with any difficulties/problems that arise during the trek
  • General purpose helpers - Working behind the scenes to meet day to day needs on the trail
  • Company Captains - Assigned to assist handcart companies with communication, working closely with the Trail Boss to keep him informed about the condition of their companies. The company captains should be in good physical condition, be comfortable working in the outdoors and enjoy working with youth.

4) FINANCE:   (Chair - Scott Bradley)
Help with budgeting and finance. Do research on prices and find the best bargains. Make the numbers add up at the end of the day.

5) PIONEER SKILLS:   (Chair - Marvin Pratt)
The objective of this committee is to help each youth recapture the spirit of our early pioneers through physical activities and exposure to pioneer skills i.e. those that daily provided sustenance, shelter, protection, clothing, and transportation. Ideas include cooking, woodworking, sewing, marksmanship, candle making, weaving, orienteering, tinsmithing, pioneer games, pioneering relays, etc. Individuals are sought who have expertise in one or more of these areas and would enjoy teaching these to our youth.

6) TREK COSTUMES:   (Chair - Eileen Boinay)
We want the youth and adults to dress like the pioneers in the handcart companies. We need people to be available to help the youth sew/prepare their pioneer clothing. We may schedule a stake sewing day. Volunteers should be available to help with ward sewing times, or on an individual basis.

7) FOOD:   (Chair - Gabe Jensen)
The person in charge of the food for the trek will be feeding approximately 250 people on a five day trek. They will be responsible to figuring the amount of food, purchasing the food, transporting the food and distributing the food to the "families" on the trek. This person and committee will need to take into consideration there will be very limited refrigeration, cooking on stoves outdoors and in dutch oven and the ease of the families transporting the food five miles each day.

8) MUSIC:   (Chair - Myra Christensen)
We need people who can gather authentic pioneer music and teach it to the youth. We also need someone who can organize a youth pioneer musical group to play for different functions leading to the trek and during the trek. We are also looking for an experienced couple to help organize square dancing for the youth.

9) GRAND GATHERING / Chuck Wagon:   (Chair - Terri Nissinen)
Would you like to see the look on the faces of the youth when they have come to the end of the Trek? Would you like to see how big their eye’s will be when they see a delicious feast ready for them? If so then we would love your help!!!

10) ON TREK EVENTS:  (Chair - Reed and Myra Christensen)
Help plan the activities that will occur on the trek. We will have spiritual learning experiences as well as fun activities. You will be required to be on the trek for this.

11) MEDICAL:   (Chair - Reed Christensen)
Trained medical people are needed to provide First Aid training to youth and leaders before the trek. Also, medical personnel will be needed on the actual Trek to provide emergency services. Some medical support staff may also be needed at base camp and would not be required to hike on the trek.

12) QUARTERMASTER:   (Chair - Joe Bender)
Members of the quartermaster committee will help to gather and prepare supplies and equipment that are needed to support the Trek.

Contact: stake.trek@fgos.org