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Forest Grove Oregon Stake Handcart Trek 2012


This site will be updated frequently with new information for youth, parents, leaders and volunteers.

OLD STUFF - The dates for the Trek are: July 9 - 14, 2012 at Bing Canyon.

Information on Current Activity - The Main Trek!!

Click here to sign-in and download a copy of the Trek video.

Youth Departure procedure for Monday, 9 July 2012

Be at the Stake Center parking lot at 5:30am sharp to board buses!

Final check-in will be done at the picnic table shelter. You will be directed to a bus for boarding. On the way to the bus you will pick up your bucket, sleeping bag, and water bottle from your Ward youth leaders (these were held onto by the youth leaders after bucket check.)

You should have the following items with you:
  • a non-refrigerated lunch to eat on the trail later in the day
  • a name of a pioneer ancestor or pioneer from history for whom you will walk the trek

  • A light breakfast snack will be provided on the bus. The bus trip will be about 4 hours. The buses are commercial buses with restroom facilities.

    Wear your pioneer clothing and hat for boarding the bus. When we exit the buses we will go directly to a handcart and begin trekking.

    Other things for Youth to do before Departure

    Research a pioneer ancestor or a pioneer from history. Learn about that person so you can walk the trek in their honor.

    Attend the final bucket check for your Ward. Also bring your water bottle or canteen, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (optional) to the bucket check. These will be collected by your leaders and brought to the Stake Center on the morning of departure.

    Be sure to fix any sock/boot/feet problems that you encountered during the Mini-Trek.

    Notes to Leaders about Departure

  • Bucket pick up will be at the Stake Center on June 14th at 7pm to 8pm. This will include buckets for youth, Ma's and Pa's and any adults from your Ward that will be on the Trek. We will have a list of how many buckets each Ward will need.

  • The week before final departure all Wards need to have a final bucket check. This includes checking for prohibited electronic devices and food. At the final bucket check, all buckets, sleeping bags and water bottles need to be labeled and collected by Ward Youth Leaders and not returned to the youth!

  • On July 9th the collected buckets and other items need to be at the Stake Center South parking lot by 5:15am. You will be directed where to go at that time. The youth will pick up their items directly from the vehicles in the parking lot.

  • Youth need to be at the South parking lot of the Stake Center at 5:30am on July 9th. Once the buses depart, the Stake will not be responsible for getting youth who come late to Bing Canyon.

  • All youth and adults attending the trek need to have a non-refrigerated sack lunch with them on July 9th for that day. We will have a morning snack for those riding on the bus.

  • Emergency Contact Numbers during the Trek will be:
      Brother Marvin Pratt - 503-809-9299 here in Forest Grove.
      Sister Eilene Boinay - 503-267-5314 at Bing Canyon
      Sister Myra Christensen - 503-200-4151 at Bing Canyon

  • Newly Posted Info!
    (10 Jun 2012)  Added details on the Home page for final departure procedures.
    (22 Jan 2012)  See the Registration page for details on how to register for the Trek.
    (22 Jan 2012)  See the Reference page for a new section with YW and YM packing lists.
    (11 Sep 2011)  See the Trek Information page for a new section on Fitness Requirements.
    (28 Aug 2011)  See the Trek Information page for a new section on Participation Eligibility.

    Contact: stake.trek@fgos.org