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Forest Grove Oregon Stake Handcart Trek 2012


This page contains instructions on how to register for Trek 2012.

The cost of Trek is $150 per youth. Of this cost, $50 of it will be due earlier as a committment fee.

Adults who attend Trek will be asked to pay $50 to defray food costs and the Bing Canyon $15 per-person use fee.

15 March 2012:   Commitment fee of $50 is due.
    Please Note: All fees are paid using a normal Tithing/Offerings slip. Write "Trek" and participant's name(s) on the Other line of the slip and submit to a member of the Bishopric or Branch Presidency.
20 May 2012:   Balance of camp fee is due. All registration forms are due (turn in to Ward YM and YW leaders). Adult leader fee is also due.
    Please Note: Registration after this deadline requires an interview with and permission from a member of Stake Presidency.
9 July 2012 (Monday):   All youth meet at Forest Grove Stake Center and depart via commercial buses for Handcart Trek at Bing Canyon Pioneer Camp, near Plymouth Washington.

13 July 2012 (Friday):   Return home from Handcart Trek.

Each youth attending Trek must complete all four forms listed below. Adult leaders attending Trek must complete form 1 and 3 (Talent Release part only).
  1. BSA Medical Form:   Each adult and youth who attends trek must complete the Boy Scout Medical Form, Part A (General Information) and Part C (Physical Examination) with physician signature.
    • The form can be downloaded at the Cascade Pacific Council website . (Follow the link, click on "Download BSA Medical Form". On the "Annual Health and Medical Record" page, in the third paragraph, click on "Part C" (which includes all parts needed: A, and C.)

    • Make sure that your physician indicates that there are NO restrictions for you to participate in "hiking, camping, and backpacking" on Part C of the form.

    • Please use the BSA height/weight requirements as a fitness guideline. The chart is age and gender neutral.

  2. Parent or Guardian Permission and Medical Release:   This is a standard Church permission form. It is found on the Church website here.

  3. Talent Release / Pioneer Musical Instrument:   This is a Stake form which gives permission for photography and allows youth to select a musical instrument. Click here to download a form in PDF format.

  4. Code of Honor:   This is a Stake form listing behavior standards expected on the Trek. Click here to download a form in PDF fomat.

Contact: stake.trek@fgos.org